“After celebrating our one year anniversary in our new facility with our new computers, we wanted to thank you for providing us with a great computer system that is so easy for everyone to use (even the people who aren’t very computer savvy). Over a year ago, when we started working on this, we discussed with you what our needs were for technology in the medical field. You came in and developed a total plan for us so that our medical practice would have cutting edge technology for patient care as well as staff functionality. Your customer service is impeccable. Your response to our needs is immediate and always patient. You are a hard worker who takes great pride in your business. Thank you for putting together a system that everyone loves.”

Aimee L. Cousins
Genesis Orthopedics & Sports Medicine


“CTS commenced working with FHI in May of 2006. We had been experiencing technology outages on a regular basis and needed help. CTS came well recommended and we have been exceptionally happy with the services provided. Initially CTS assessed our environment and provided us with a plan to remedy them. We have now completed 100% of their recommendations and our outages have disappeared. They also play a big role in escalation support with our current and new customers.”

Dominic Molloy
Future Health Inc.


“If “Lifesavers” was looking for a new flavor, I would have to suggest they call it “CTS”. Because that is exactly what they have been to us for the past 2 years, while we have been implementing a new database management system. CTS have been critical in the selection and installation of the required hardware. CTS have been patient AND kind in teaching computer naïve staff to use, not only, the hardware, but sometimes the software as well. When I send out an “SOS” call, They respond quickly and go that extra mile to solve the problem. CTS also calls back to make sure that the solution works, as well as, the rest networked environment. CTS liaisons for us with the software company to make suggestions, changes and upgrades. We would not be where we are today without CTS.”

Mary Lou Drott
Illinois Bone and Joint, LTD


“The Engineers of CTS has been able to take us to the highest level of security, speed and confidence in our network. I have been in business as Advance Chiropractic Clinic since 1987. Up until recently I have been able to manage my own computer needs with occasional outside help. In 2006 we greatly expanded our business and integrated electronic recordkeeping for our patient charts. We added fifteen workstations in two clinics in two states. Thanks to The Engineers of CTS, the upgrade went smoothly, the security for our healthcare records is superior and we are operating efficiently. I recommend CTS for exceptional service and network supervision you can trust.”

Denis Boerjan, DC
Advance Chiropractic Clinics


“Cano Packaging is very pleased with the services that CTS, Inc has provided. Since The Engineers of CTS have began working with our systems, we have had no viruses, down-time, or headaches in general. What used to be an almost daily concern has become a non-issue. We no longer need to run weekend scans for viruses and spyware, constantly check for security updates, nor concern ourselves with assuring that the antivirus package is keeping itself up to date; best of all, we have eliminated the long waits on hold with ISP or software vendors! CTS, Inc. takes care of this seamlessly and with very little fuss. The Engineers of CTS is always an e-mail away and can remotely deal with the few issues we have encountered. Most importantly, I can spend more of my time dealing with the business of the day and not have to concern myself with the network or employee PCs. Thank you CTS!”

Darren Lemmon
Cano Packaging Corp.


“When disaster strikes, it is comforting to know that you don’t have to worry about your back-up plan. Our business has a high demand for technology CTS has always been there when we need them. Not only have they helped us purchase equipment for less than the going market rate, but they take ownership of the process and ensure everything is working to our standards at all times. Time after time, CTS has been there as an emergency fail-safe and his ideas and knowledge offer opportunities that Neubauer-Perkins would not have otherwise.”

Bryan Finfrock
Neubauer-Perkins, Inc.