Relationship Management

IT Vendor Relationship Management

    CTS goes beyond typical IT support by ensuring that the customer is taking care of when dealing with any other 3rd party technical challenges.  From Internet Services Provider (ISP), to scanners and printing vendors, CTS will act as the technical contact at the business location.  Business applications and upgrades can be confusing to an end-user, select CTS as your IT partner to ensure that your technical environment and your applications are setup correctly and protected.

    Vendor/Relationship Management
    • Managing procurement and/or 3rd party technical relationships
    • (VAR) Value added Reseller broker with many vendors including but not limited to Multiple Telco's (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Covad) and equipment vendors example (Dell, Cisco, HP, ASUS, SuperMicro, Sonicwall, NComputing.. etc).

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